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Thursday, December 4, 2014



This is assigment from Miss Silvana
This video tells about a man proposes marriage to the woman. He uses different way to propose her. He gives a clue in their every  favorite place. He reminds her about special moments like  first time they meet, they date, and spent their time together. One of scene shows he’s  still remember what she eats and does in that place. It makes her happy laugh. Finally she comes to the last place, she finds a box contains a white dress. She looks so beautiful in white. And she go to the middle of sea with a ship.  This is the last scene which make all girls scream out and melting. They meet in the middle of sea and he stand dashing way, hold her hand and  say “Will you marry me??”...ohhhh so romantic.

I like this video because the meaning of song so beautiful. I think God had prepared a special day to meet our mate. Someone who loves us, accept our weakness , remind us when we forget and always complete our life. The important things is he can be a leader to guide us  to heaven. I believe that God had a good plan for us so we must have a positive thought.  And I think a boy who loves you  know details in yourself, maybe you don’t know about that.

Another reason why I like it because The view is so georgeous.  Maybe the shooting place at Phucket, Thailand. the place is fame as one of romantic place in this world.  I also like Afgan and Rossa sing this song. Their voice is good and they sing with all their heart.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

International Children Day

I have a plan to make an International Children Day in my town. It will held every 21th December. For 2014 the celebration will held it at  Convention Hall, which theme is Health. I will invite many children and their parents to come to this celebration. I choose health because recently health is important specially for children. Many children get malnutrition  especially in remote areas, because in remote areas rare nutriment. I will invite pediatrician to give many information about child health and sharing about many problem which experienced by parents. So in this celebration i'm sure parents will get many new information.
Maybe i will invite CJR because many children like CJR (cowboy junior) to start this celebration.The other famous person is Kak Seto, i will invite him to give many information about children's psychology. To food and drink i will give healthy food like spaghetti from spinach, soup, vegetable fried rice etc, The drink i will give juice, milk with many flavour but in low sugar and calory.
There are many activities in this celebration. There are drawing competition, model competition, fashion style competition, singing. Every competition there are judges, and every competition there are 3 champions. I give gift fo every winner. This Celebration just for child who have 3 until 10 years old.
But if there are don't join the competition its not a problem, The competition just for child who want to win and interest with the competiton.
I will give  a souvenir like key chains from this celebration and in the key chains there are name of the child and their parents. So this souvenir will be reminded that they had attended Internation Children Day.

- Natalia-
(speak up elementary 2)

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Indonesia Economy

Currently, the Indonesian economy to be optimism for increased economic growth. With the growth and the national income has increased, so we can see the development and progress against other countries. National income per year in Indonesia will be able to deliver progress. For the macro-economic level will be very influential in economic growth. One of the economic growth can be seen and demonstrated with domestic demand is still the main support for economic performance. Not to forget also for world exports and imports, as well as investment. Visible at the lack of macro economy on the bank aspects of this we can also feel the presence of Indonesian Economic growth is increasing. Bank Indonesia predict that economic growth in the Indonesian economy will grow.

Synergistic relationship between the ministries should be made increasingly more care and support each other so it would be more beneficial to society. With the formation of the entrepreneurial spirit campaign, such as the international seminar. is one way in uplifting the soul and also the potential for economic warrior who never gave up and have creativity.

Indonesia has a low competitiveness and Indonesia are not able to manage the competition that will lead to the poor economy. then this brings a wide range of negative impacts of Indonesian Economic globalization, for example as a flood of foreign products call it the Chinese state products that ultimately shut down the value of domestic production. so that only Indonesian citizens could be manual labor that have low salaries. whereas for those jobs that require skills held by foreigners, and of course job vacancies at this time has been very narrow, difficulties for the people who are unemployed and will be depleted due to the employment of foreign workers.

While the positive impact of Indonesia Economy globalization in term of capital, then in term of the availability of capital to fund access will become increasingly easy to obtain investment from abroad. This investment directly such as in the construction of the plant will also open for a job. But it’s just that these positive effect will be reversed 180 degrees when the government is running the inability to manage the flow of foreign fund. This will happen even buildup of foreign fund is more profitable for the owner of capital and itis too prone to cause the economic crisis caused by the collapse of the Rupiah.


Nobita and Robot Kingdom - My Favorite Movie


               Nobita was born on 7 August. He is a student in elementary school. He is a lazy and stupid student. Ussually, He also not do his homework and come late to school. His teacher and his mother always angry to him. The name of Nobita’s mother is Tamako Kataoka and his father is Nobisuke Nobi. Nobita attracted with his friend, Shizuka Minamoto. Shizuka is smart and diligent student. She wanted become a stewardess. Nobita has a bad hobby. The hobby are sleep and play. Nobita has a pet like cat, dog, air child (Fuko), dinosaur, elephant, etc. He has a robot from his family. The robot’s name is Doraemon. Doraemon was born on 3 September 2112. His tall is 129,3 cm and his weight is 129,3 kg. Doraemon has a blue color, white hand, circle head, red tail and magic pocket. Doraemon liked Dorayaki. Doraemon doesn’t has an ears. Doraemon’s ears was broken because a mouse robot eat it. He cry and always try to make his ears back with fluit grower, but it’s not success. Because it, Doraemon phobia with a mouse. Doraemon have a sister. The name is Dorami. Dorami has yellow color and use red tape in his head. Dorami more diligent than doraemon, but she don’t like joke. Because it, Nobita don’t like Dorami. But usually, Dorami help Nobita and Doraemon. When Doraemon go to future for service Dorami accompany Nobita too. Doraemon Nobita always use doraemon’s magic pocet to do everything. Doraemon and his friends travels into another world via the time machine. Doraemon and Nobita always have many adventure. The adventure like adventure in galaxy train, Wan Yan country, cloud kingdom, sun kingdom, air kingdom, bird kingdom, mysterious world, seabed samudra pasifik, Japan in the past, etc.

One day, Nobita and his friends play in the yard. Takhesi Gouda (Giant) always bullied Nobita. Suddenly, Suneo Honekawa and his new dog robot come to Nobita and his friend. Suneo tell to Nobita that He get a new dog robot from his mother because He always help his mother. Suneo’s robot very sophisticated. And then Suneo and Nobita play with Suneo’s robot. Nobita jealous with suneo because He has a new robot and he want to have it. Because usually Giant mock him. And then He was go home and asked to Doraemon that He want to buy a new robot. Usually, Doraemon accept Nobita demanded, but this time Doraemon can’t accept it. Because Doraemon think that Nobita already have a cat robot. The cat robot was Doraemon.

            When Doraemon play out with his sister, Nobita look for machine “ Brochure Expenditure Future”. 
Nobita often make a problem and Doraemon was angry with him. Nobita ordered robot from Doraemon’s mechine and He choose the wrong button. And then, there are many robots in Nobita’s badroom. It is make crowded. Doraemon come and look it. He was angry and He know that Nobita make it. Doraemon try to deport the robots, but there is one of the robot can’t deport because the robot was bruise. The robot name is Poco. Poco is small robot and cute. He is like a human. Poco come from robot kingdom. Doraemon and his friends want to deliver poco to the robot kingdom. They was go by Doraemon’s magic tool. They pass way space time. Doraemon and his friends get problem in their adventure because disperity space and time. They get attack from another plane too. Doraemon’s plane was broken and they  landed to robot kingdom.

             Nobita find Dr. Chapeck’s house in near their landed. Dr. Chapeck is dokter of robot. Chapeck live in there with his assistant, squirrel robot and fisherman. Nobita tell about Poco and He say that Poco bruise. And then, Dr. Chapeck give cure to Poco. The king of robot have a plan for destroy earth and make robots don’t have a heart. Dr. Chapeck disagree with the king’s plan. Dr. Chapeck think that robot must life and robot must have a heart. Doraemon, Nobita, Suneo, Giant, shishuka, and Poco disagree too. They have a plan for try to fail this plan. Doraemon and his friend caught, but they can escape after beat Kong Fighter in power struggle between the robot. After that, they must rescued Poco’s Mother. The name is Maria. They must beat ruler of robot kingdom. And then, Doraemon and his friend can rescued Poco’s Mother and beat ruler of robot kingdom. Poco can back to his family and all of the robot can happy. When they will go home, they was cry because they don’t want leave Poco and consider Poco like their family. Doraemon and his friend go home to Japan by Doraemon’s magic tool. At their home, Doraemon, Nobita, Suneo, Giant, Shizuka always think Poco. They were miss with Poco.

(Ella - Speak Up Pre-Advanced 2)

Java Jazz Festival

Hi… I want to do this essay assignment from my beautiful  English teacher Miss Silvana, I want to say thanks for this essay assignment before.. thank you so much miss. Now I want to write about Java Jazz Festival, I do not know much about this event so  I took this assignment  from several sources .  

Java jazz festival is one of the biggest jazz festival in the world, this festival is held in early March each year in Jakarta,  It was held for the first time in 2005 so now java jazz festival was ten years old. This festival is not only present jazz musicians but there are also musicians from another music genre like hip hop, R&B and reggae. Many famous international jazz musician came to this festival like  James Brown, Earth, Wind & Fire, Eric Benet, Bubi Chen, and Angie Stone in 2006 but actually I don’t know about them and there were many local jazz musician like  Maliq & D'Essentials, Marcell, Ten 2 Five, Ruth Sahanaya and many more, and I like listening their song specially for Maliq & D’Essentials and Ten 2 Five.  According to this festival official account more than 67.000 visitors came to this festival for three days in 2006,  I think this is great festival with great musician too.

Initiator of this event is Peter Frans Gontha, he was born in Semarang,May 4 1948. He is a son of the couple V Willem Gontha and Alice. He is one of the success businessman in Indonesia, now he has many corporation like Plaza Indonesia Realty (The Grand Hyatt Jakarta), Bali Intercontinental Resort, Rajawali Citra Televisi Indonesia (RCTI), Surya Citra Televisi (SCTV), PT Chandra Asri Indonesia, PT Tri Polyta Indonesia, Firstmedia, and Indovision wow rich man. Peter Frans Gontha inspired to create this event from him experience, he was always going to Europe to watch jazz concert so he want to make jazz concert in Indonesia and Indonesian people don’t need to go abroad, so I think we can take the spirit of him and make something great like him make this great festival.

MURI give this event world record highest award plaque for Java Jazz Festival. Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival break the record for the world's largest jazz festival as much as 1.300 musicians, artists and music group in 21 stage wow congratulation for Java Jazz.

Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival 2014 (JJF 2014) which was held on February 28, 1 and March 2, 2014, in JI Expo Kemayoran, is holding the 10th of the world's largest jazz festival is produced by the Indonesian consistently. Java Jazz Festival 2014 presents many international musicians, some of which are Tania Maria, Sadao Watanabe, Ivan Lins, Roy Ayers, Lonnie Liston Smith, Allen Stone, Jamie Cullum, Robert Glasper, Thais Motta (Brazil), Joao Sabia (Brazil), Public Opinion Afro Orchestra and Grumul (Australia), Nils Petter Molvaer and Magnus Lindgren (Skandinavia), Gerald Albright, James Taylor Quartet, Norman Brown, Earth Wind and Fire Experience, Dave Koz, Mindi Abair, Richard Elliot, Jonathan Butler, and Rick Braun, and some local musicians like Deddy Dukun, Dian Pramana Putra and Adie MS

Java jass festival could be a promotion for tourism in Indonesia so the government get the provit from this event. This year java jazz sponsored by Clear Shampoo and this year java jazz use batik theme, all singer and musician wearing batik so this is pride for us, Indonesian people. Now I am confused  what to write anymore, I swear I am confused.

This musical events that became the pride of Indonesia is supported by several loyal sponsors such as First Media, BNI Bank, Garuda Indonesia, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, the Ministry of Commerce, and others. I hope this event can continue to be held because I think this event is the good way to promote Indonesia. But I think some of us including me didn’t know what is jazz, we just enjoyed the music without know what is jazz.

Jakarta International Java Jazz 2014 have another event that event called Sound Fair it will  held on  October 24 – 26, 2014 and the guest star  is Magic! Band that mixed reggae, pop, rock and a little soul as their genre is one of the famous newcomer artist today, and their song “Rude” is famous among teens, and I like their song too, I hope I can go to Jakarta and watch their performances, I hope…..   Miss Sil maybe you want to go there? If you want, can you treat me? :D

I hope we as the young generation can make something good creation for Indonesia maybe with music, make a great event like Java Jazz without forgetting our culture or we can mixed the modern music with our traditional music and local culture, so we can reduce negative behavior among the teens with positive activity. Be good generation for a good country. Fighting!!

I’m sorry Miss Sil I can’t write well, because actually I didn’t know about Java Jazz, so I retrieve data from the Internet, but I translate this assignment by my self and my friend helped me to find the word, I hope I can be more active in class than before, Thank you ((:

(Rika - Speak Up Pre-Advanced)

Koes Plus

Koes Plus is an Indonesian musical group was formed in 1969 as a continuation of the group Koes Brothers. Famous music group in the 1970s is often regarded as the pioneer of pop music and rock ’n roll in Indonesia. Until now, this band still occasionally perform music bring their old songs, although only two members ( Yon and Murry ) enabled. Their songs sung by many other musicians with the new arrangement. For example, Lex’s Trio makes special album re sing Koes Plus songs,  Cintamu telah berlalu sung by Chrisye, also Manis dan Sayang sung by Kahitna.

The group originated from Tuban has been a pioneer of pop music and rock n’ roll, even once imprisoned for his music which is considered to represent the flow of capitalist politics. At the time it was fierce-fierce anti-capitalist movement in Indonesia. On Thursday, July 1, 1965, an army captures brothers Tony, Yon, and Yok Koeswoyo and locked them in prison Glodok, then Nomo Koeswoyo come on consciousness itself. He choose together rather than separation from beloved brothers. The error is because they always play a song of The Beatles that are considered toxic to young people at that time.

From prison would produce songs that have until now remained thrilling, ‘’ Di dalam bui’’, ‘’ Jadikan aku dombamu’’, ‘’Balada kamr 15’’. 29 September 1965, the day before erupted G30S-PKI, they were released without any apparent reason. Later after the event was over, Koes Brothers are still alive and doing the age old testimony in front of audience talk show KICK AND ANDY ( Metro TV) in late 2008 that they were actually behind the arrest, the Soekarno government assigns them in a counter intelligence operation to support the movement crush Malaysia.

From this was born the group Koes Brothers songs that are very popular such as ‘’Bis Sekolah’’, ‘’ Di dalam Bui”, “ Telaga Sunyi” , “ Laguku Sendiri” and many more. One member of the Koes Brothers, Nomo Koeswoyo out and replaced by Murry as drummer. Although this replacement initially cause problems within the personal one Yok who objected to outsiders. Brother’s name so replaced with Plus, it means plus outsiders( Murry).

Actually Koes Brothers songs better in terms of harmonization (such as Telaga Sunyi and Bis Sekolah) compared to Koes Plus songs. At that time Nomo also have second job. While Tony wants totality of the music that makes Nomo should choose. Finally Koes Brothers should be changed. The tradition of the songs itself is a creation invented tradition Koes Brothers. Later this tradition continued with the album Koes Plus serial volumes 1,2 and so on. Once formed, Koes Plus indirect sympathy of Indonesian music lovers. LPs first album had been rejected several record stores. They even laughed at the song “ kelelawar” which is actually absorbed it.

Then Murry was cranky and went to Jember distributing LPs album for free on his friends. He worked at the sugar mill also playing band together with Gombloh in group Lemon Trees. Tonny then followed Murry to invited back to Jakarta. After the song “ kelelawar” screened at the last RRI, and people looking for their first album Koes Plus. Some time later through his songs” Derita”, “Kembali Ke Jakarta” until “ Cinta Buta”, Koes Plus dominates Indonesia at that time.

In the years 1972 - 1976 Indonesian air completely filled by Koes Plus songs. Either the radio or the party always carry a Koes Plus songs. Perhaps no  Indonesian people who were then aged teenagers who do not know Koes plus. When was Koes Plus issued a new album is always early waited by Koes Plus lovers and the general public. Koes Plus 1972 could be the best band in the Jamboree Band in Senayan.  All participants sing Western songs in English. Only Koes Plus that dared to be different by singing the song “ Derita” and “ Manis dan saying”.

From the information that was sent by Koes Plus fans, apparently Koes Plus feat was remarkable. In 1974 Koes Plus issued 22 albums, the album consisted of new songs and album’’ the best’’ including instrumental albums, which were made from the original instrument recording Koes Plus. They spend an average of 2 albums in one month. In 1975 there are 6 albums. Then in 1976 they released 10 albums. Perhaps it is worth noting record in the Guinness Book of Records. And indeed almost all the songs nice to hear. Because a lot of merit in the development of music, the community provides a sign of respect for his achievement became legendary group with a token of appreciation given through the “ Basf Legend Award, 1992 were held in addition to the achievement devotion in art long enough, the product of creation because the songs was also inadequate since 1960 and now has created 953 songs in 89 albums collected. But the fact of Koes Plus now very tragic. As Yon said one time that Koes plus not only big name but got nothing. This remark was fit to represent the state personnel Koes Plus. They do not get money from the sale of tapes containing their old songs. But Yon did not feel it as a burden. He feel grateful when the people love their old songs until now and the support from family.

(Dwiki - Speak Up Pre Advanced 2)

Coboy Junior - My Favorite Idol

Hi my name is Ella. Here's my writing to fulfill assignment given by Ms. Silvana in my Speak Up Pre-Advanced 2 Class. I will tell you about my favorite idol, Coboy Junior.

               Coboy junior are the first Indonesian young boy band established on 23 July 2011. The members are Iqbal Dhiafakhri (Iqbal), Teuku Rizky Muhammad (Kiki), Alvano Maldini Siregar (Aldi), Bastian Bintang Simbolon (Bastian). His manager is Patrick Effendy. This boy band formed from the audition. After that, Coboy Junior produce the first single, “Kamu” on 23 July 2011. The song tell about teenager attracted with a girl by social media. The band, aside from their vocals, emphasises costumes and choreography. Coboy Junior is a boy band with a concept of the music from their daily. This teenagers attracted with a girl and support by technology, so they can express it to a song. Coboy Junior’s management made by Indra Bekti. The name is Inbekplus. Their fans called comate (Coboy Junior Mate). Comate scattered in Indonesia and other countries like Singapore, India, Germany, Canada, USA.
            January 2013 Coboy Junior's single ”Eeaa”, about puppy love, made the band popular. They had released three other singles by that time such as Kamu, Kenapa Mengapa, and Terhebat. Coboy  junior have many song, such as Eaa, Fight, Jendral Kancil, Kamu, Kenapa Mengapa, Satu Senyuman, Terhebat, Demam Unyu Unyu, Mama, Terus Berlari, Tetap Percaya, Ngaca Dulu Deh,  Pelangi Dan Mimpi Coboy Junior was scheduled to begin a national tour, styled the CJR Generation Tour 2013, from April to December 2013. They were to play in 30 Indonesian cities, from Sabang in the west Indonesia to Merauke in the east. The members still studying in regular junior high schools, because it the band was only allowed to tour on weekends, weekdays were dedicated to school. And then, on 5 June 2013 Coboy Junior released a movie. The title is Coboy Junior The Movie. In two days the film, directed by Anggy Umbara and costarring Astri Nudin, Fay Nabila, Abimana Aryasatya, Nirina Zubir, and Dewi Sandra, was seen by over 150,000 people. The film followed the band members as they underwent personal development and attempted to win a mixed singing and dancing competition.
            Coboy junior will disperse on 23 February 2014. Because one of the member, Bastian out from the boy band. Bastian out from the boy band because he want to solo karier. Many comate desagree with Bastian, Iqbal, Aldi, Rizki disicion. Coboy Junior, teen music group make a farewell concert that marked the end of their journey as a boy band group. The name of this concert is “Farewell Concert” and the topic is “A great trip, ends with a terrific”. The concert at Tennis Indoor Senayan, Jakarta on 23 February 2014. This is the last concert of four members perform. Because after this they will not appear together again. The decision to hold a farewell concert is based on a joint decision  from the management and the members of Coboy Junior. There are  many dreams and plans not materialized, but the management and the members of Coboy Junior think,  the decision to make this farewell concert is the best way. This concert present coboy Junior’s journey on 2011 until now. Coboy Junior sing all their songs in the concert. They also collaborate with another singer. When the concert, Aldi, Iqbal, Rizki explane that coboy junior disperse because they haven’t four. And then Aldi, Iqbal, Rizki make new group. The name is CJR.

            CJR will do a tour in other cities in Indonesia which have not been visited in previous years. According to the plan, in addition to Indonesia, this year CJR will perform a series of tour to Singapore and several cities in Malaysia. CJR will also make a book with the theme of diary of the personnel (Aldi, Kiki and Iqbal) and the outpouring of their hearts about the journey along Coboy Junior. CJR also will make CJR The Movie 2 movie which was shot will be conducted in Jakarta and the United States.